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Coolant-cutting fluids (SOZH)

Coolant-cutting fluids (SOZH)

This fluid is used in the process of machine and automated cutting, including some thread cutting operations (with a screw-cutter, threading die or a milling cutter), drawing, gear shaping and drilling of carbon and alloy-treated structural stainless steels.
This fluid is used as a component of 3-10% water-oil micro-emulsions for the edge-tool cutting and abrasive treatment of grey cast iron, steel and alloys.
Emulsol T Grade A
This fluid is used as a component of coolant-cutting water-oil emulsions for cold rolling operations at metallurgical plants and cold-cutting operations at metalworking factories.
RPKh-S synthetic coolant-cutting fluid (SOZh)
It is a component of 3-10% water solutions used as lubricant-anticorrosive agents in hydraulic presses, for piping compression test, as a coolant for welding mills and profiling machines.


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