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RPKh-S synthetic coolant-cutting fluid (SOZh)

STO 77820966-004-2007

Area of application

RPKh-S SOZh is a component of 3-10% water solutions used as lubricant-anticorrosive agents in hydraulic presses, for piping compression test, as a coolant for welding mills and profiling machines.


  • RPKh-S SOZh is a completely synthetic SOZh free of any oily or fatty substances. This makes it completely soluble in water, forming a clear solution, thus enabling easy metalwork operation.
  • It contains no chlorine, sodium nitrite, phenols or other harmful components.
  • The base material and additives used SOZh production provide reliable anticorrosion protection and improve tribological characteristics of the working surface, thus enhancing machinery durability and reliability.
  • Biostatic, treatment solutions thereof have long-term bacteria- and fungi-resistance, which ensures long-life performance.


Concentrate (the product as received)

Index nameNorm
Appearance Homogeneous transparent light-brown liquid.
Smell Specific, non-irritating
Kinematic viscosity at 20°C, mm2/s (cSt), max. 40
Oil acid number, mg KOH/g, min. 20
Total alkali, mg KOH/g, min. 150
Density at 20°C, g/cm3, within 1,0-1,12
Storage stability Without damage
Hard water impact Without damage

Concentrate water solution (3% mass)

Index nameNorm
Emulsion stability after a period of 24 hour conditioning Without damage
pH factor, emulsion pH, within 9,0-11,0
Corrosivity (SCh-20cast iron, GOST 1412-85) Without damage
Predisposition to foam formation, cm3, max. 200
Foam stability, cm3, max. 50


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