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TU 0253-007-77820966-06 with amend 1,2

GIPOL-RS synthetic hydraulic oil is a mixture of synthetic hydrocarbon oils with antioxidant, wearresistant, detergent, dispersant and antifoam additives.

Field of use

GIPOL-RS Synthetic hydraulic oil is designed to ensure reliable operatuion of steering boosters and hydrostatic transmissions of overland vehicles with maximal temperature range.

Additional information

The qualification tests performed in the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "25 State Research Institute of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense", OJSC "VNII NP" and manufacturer’s bench tests performed by OJSC "Kamaz" showed that oil for GIPOL-PS hydromechanical and hydrostatic transmissions:

- has operational properties that excel those of the "R" oil for hydromechanical and hydrostatic transmissions;

- has a level of antioxygenic, anticorrosion and antiwear properties non-extraordinary for operation of hydromechanical and hydrostatic transmissions, and it is physically stable;

- provides for failure-free operation of units and components of steering booster in "Kamaz" vehicles, and it is serviceable at lower temperatures (- 50°C, its actual solidification temperature of GIPOL-RS is - 65-68°C) as compared with the "R" oils (- 45°C);

- at negative temperatures, its kinematic viscosity is considerably lower than in the "R" oil (at a temperature of - 20°C – 608 mm2/s vs. 900-1100 mm2/s). During operation this advantage results in betetr oil pumpability, reduced load on the units, higher service life. The level of kinematic viscosity has a significant effect on leakproofness of the steering system units in cold weather conditions;

- can be mixed with the batch "R" oil in any ratio in the process of operation. The tests demonstrated complete compatibility of GIPOL-RS with the "R" oil.


Index nameNorm
Kinematic viscosity, mm2/с (cSt):  
at 40°С, within 17-23
at 100°С, max. 5,0
at minus 20°С, max. 1300
Open flash point, °C, min. 160
Pour point, °C, max. -65
Stability in DK-2 NAMI device, residue after the delution of oil with solvent, %, max. 0,3
Ash content, %, min. 0,6


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