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ТМ-5-5з-12 (POLYEFIR-68)

(STO 77820966-018-2013)


Gear/transmission oil ТМ-5-5з-12 (POLYEFIR 68) is highest-quality polyalphaolefin oil-based synthetic added with the addition of an efficient additive package.


Oil ТМ-5-5з-12 (POLYEFIR 68) is intended for use in gearboxes and transmission units of automotive and special-purpose equipment including those operating under severe climatic conditions. Due to its unique formulation, oil has high anti-wear properties and is capable for operation within the temperature range of minus 60 to 150°C. Oil is compatible with the most common construction materials and with transmission oils of other brands.

API oil group: GL-4/5;

Viscosity class to SAE 70W-85.



Standard values

Kinematic viscosity, mm2/s
- at 400С, within the range     
  - at 1000С, within the range

Dynamic viscosity, Pa.s - at minus 500С, max 55
Viscosity index, min 150
Open cup flash point 0С, min 180
Pour point, 0С, maximum minus 60
DK-NAMI stability (140 0С, 20 h),
viscosity fluctuation, %, max.
Tribological properties on four-ball tester::
- weld point Pw, N (kgf), min
- load wear index LWI, N (kgf), min
- wear variable (diameter wear), at axial load of 392 N, mm, max

3479 (355)
559 (57)


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Laboratory: +7 (831) 241-84-04

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