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VINYLIN for animals

Vinylin for animals is the best remedy with perfect bacteriostatic, wound healing and analgesic properties. It stimulates wound cleansing, angiogenesis and cuticularization and provides a coating and anti-inflammatory effect.


1. Vinylin is used to treat wounds, skin and mucous coat ulcers, carbuncles, furuncles, fissures, gargets and endometritis of cows.
2. Vinylin can be used in its original form and as a component of various oil solutions, ointments, creams and suppositories in combination with antibiotics.
3. To treat wounds, skin manifestations and other surgical pathologies, Vinylin is applied directly to the affected surface once a day every other day or every two days until full recovery.
4. To treat cows for serous-catarrhal garget and thelium fissures, 3-5 ml of Vinylin are applied to the affected surface within 5 minutes after milking. The substance is rubbed in into the udder in combination with massaging action.
5. To treat cows for endometritis, 150-200 ml of Vinylin are warmed up to 37-38°C and after performing the uterine cavity lavage, Vinylin is injected into the uterine cavity with the help of a Janet's syringe 3-4 times with a 2-day interval.
6. Vinylin can be used alongside with other causal treatment medication.
7. Vinylin has no contraindications.


Vinylin shall be kept in tightly sealed containers in a dry shadowed place at the max. temperature of 40°C.
Vinylin stays good for 5 years.


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