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VINYLON raticide and insecticide


Vinylon – is a sticky substance used for extermination of flies, insects, mice, rats and garden pests (fir seed moths, blossom weevils, caterpillars, etc.)

Vinylon is a mechanical insect capture means. It does not contain poison, therefore it can be widely used in agriculture for the protection of ornamental and fruit trees from pests.

Vinylon is a homogeneous polyvinyl-n-butyl ether and ceresin-based substance.

It is sticky, non-flammable and non-toxic.

Method of application

Against insects – apply a thin layer of Vinylon paste to a smooth-surface base (heavy paper, cardboard, plastic) and place it at the insects’ migration routes.

For tree protection – apply a thin layer of Vinylon to the tree trunk, forming a "belt" at the height of 30-40 cm from the ground.

Against rodents – apply a layer of Vinylon to smooth trays in a band of 0.5-1cm wide for mice and 2-3 cm wide for rats.

Safety measures

Store Vinylon in a cool place out of the reach of children and pets.
Collect the used base plates for further disposal.

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