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TU 0258-037-05788576-2000


Vinypol is a polyvinyl-n-butyl ester - (C6H12O)n.


Name of parameterNorms high gradeNorms first grade
Kinematic viscosity 10% solution of vinipol in benzol at 20°C, cSt, min. 7 6
Viscosity building property of 1% solution of AMG-10 base vinipol at 50°C, %, within 28-35 22-32
Open flash-point, °C, min. 180 180
Mass content of mechanical impurities, %, max. 0,07 0,07
Vinipol polymer solvability at a definite viscosity building property Perfect Perfect
Refraction index at 20°C, within        1,4550 - 1,4600
Electric strength in electrode system needle-flatness, kV/mm, min. 0,1 0,1
Dielectric loss tangent, at potential difference 6 kV, % max. 9 9


It is used as a thickening agent for the production of hydraulic (AMG-10, MGE-10A), compressor and refrigerator oils. It is also used as a dielectric material for the production of high-voltage electric equipment and as a plasticizing agent for the production of powdered colours.

Marking and packing

Vinypol VB-2 is packed in 50 -100 dm3 steel drums, subject to GOST 5044. The drums shall be filled to the max. 96% of their container capacity.

Safety requirements

Vinypol VB-2 is rated as a 9 hazard class freight, subclass 9.2., classification code 922.


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