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TU 0258-005-77820966-06

SOZh RPH-06-PS is a balanced blend of petroleum oil, emulsifiers, anticorrosive and antiwear additives and components, which provide micro-emulsions bioproofness.

Range of use

SOZh RPH-06-PS is used as a component of 3-10% water-oil micro-emulsions for the edge-tool cutting and abrasive treatment of grey cast iron, steel and alloys. The said emulsions are used to meet extra requirements for anticorrosive protection of the details between operations and for the quality of the processed aluminum alloy surfaces.


Index nameNorm
Appearance at the temperature of (20±10°C) Homogeneous oleaginous fluid from light to dark-brown colour
Smell Specific, non-irritating
Kinematic viscosity, mm2/s (cSt), at 50°C, max. 100
Acid number, mg KOH/g, min. 20
Storage stability Without damage
Density at 20°C, g/cm3 1,0-1,1

5% microemulsion

Index nameNorm
Emulsion stability after a period of 24 hour conditioning Without damage
PH factor, emulsion pH, within 9,0-10,0


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