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Industrial Safety

The Company strives to ensure permanent increase of the safety level, consistent decline of incident rates, and the number of work place injuries and occupational diseases.

Rospolychem GC Safety Culture is based on personal responsibility of every employee, and involvement of all corporate personnel and representatives of contractor organizations in the safety upgrade process.

The goal is zero: no harm caused to people, environment and property during work performance.

The Company is developing and implementing programs on increasing the industrial safety level and improving labour conditions, and health care for employees.

These programs include:

  • Emergency prevention and control drill;
  • Control of the compliance with the industrial safety requirements;
  • Expert examination of industrial safety of equipment and bringing production facilities into compliance with the industrial safety standards and regulations;
  • Modernization of emergency shutdown systems;
  • Arrangement of occupational safety and health protection for employees;
  • Providing safe labour conditions, arrangement of work places in accordance with the appropriate state and corporate standards in this area;
  • Providing employees with personal protective equipment;
  • Comprehensive training of the company employees in HSE & CD (health, safety, environment and civil defense);
  • Examination and implementation of up-to-date technologies in this field.